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Contractor agrees to furnish a complete piped well with sufficient water in same that will stand the test of any ___ inch cylinder pump with a continual flow for ___ hours, such pump to be furnished by owner, the test to be satisfactory to owner. Contractor agrees to complete well by ___, -, and in case such well is not completed by this date this contract is null and void and owner has not obligated -self to contractor. Owner agrees to pay to contractor $___ per lineal ...

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All of the above work to be completed in a substantial and workmanlike manner according to standard practices for the sum of $___. Payments to be made $1,000 on signing this agreement, $___ as the work progresses to the value of ___% of all work completed. The entire amount of contract to be paid within ___ days after completion.

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Standard Drilling Contract  

This agreement made and entered into this ___ day of ___, 19__, by and between ___ of ___(Drilling Contractor) and ___ of ___(Purchaser). Drilling Contractor shall stop drilling and remove his casing materials and property and be entitled to $___ as compensation. 5. Purchaser hereby grants Drilling Contractor a security interest in the materials and equipment furnished by the Drilling Contractor, to secure payment of all money when due, and agrees that ...

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Another Form  

1. Contractor will sink, entirely at its own expense at the power house of the owner, an artesian well ___ inches in diameter, which will have a continuous flow at surface of not less than ___ gallons of water per minute, and a pumping capacity of not less than ___ gallons of water per minute. 4. Owner in consideration of the above premises, ___ days after satisfactory completion of well above mentioned and the compliance with the conditions promised by contractor, ...

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Subcontract to Drill Well  

The well shall, at the option of the company, be cased with a strainer casing from the lower extremity of the ___ inch casing to the bottom thereof with ___ inch inside diameter ___ wrought iron ___ pound per lineal foot casing. It shall then be drilled to the depth that it is to be cased with the ___ inch casing, as above mentioned, and such casing set before it is drilled below that depth; and after the ___ inch casing is set, drilling shall then be ...

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Irrigation Well  

2. Contractors agree to furnish all material, machinery and labor to drill the well; setting same with ___ inch casing and finishing the same with ___ patent screen, or ___ screen, at the option of contractors. 3. Owners agree to do all hauling in connection with such well and to furnish the derrick, such derrick to remain the property of owners. 6. Owners agree to pay to the contractors in full settlement in cash the foregoing amounts as soon as well has tested ___ ...

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Water Well Log  

Type of well ___(dug, driven, bored, or drilled) Equipment used ___(churn drill, rotary, other) Shut-in pressure, for flowing well: ___ lb./sq. in. on: ___(date) Pumping water level: ___ feet at ___ gal.

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Waste Disposal Well-Application for Permit  

Waste disposal well¢Application for permit. Be it known that the undersigned hereby makes application for a permit to construct, modify, alter or maintain a waste disposal or injection well. When complete, the application should be submitted to the nearest District Office of the Idaho Department of Water Resources as indicated on this sheet.

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Geothermal Well-Application for Permit  

If corporation, attach list of corporate offices and their place of domicile, and the names and place of domicile of any person owning thirty percent (30%) or greater interest in the corporation. Is applicant making application as an agent for another person, corporation or entity? 7. Is this application a part of a program for exploration or development of an already explored geothermal resource?

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