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Forms 1- 6 of 6 Available for 'Joint Tenants and Tenants in Common'

Cohabitation Agreement  

1. Each party shall maintain a separate banking account, and neither party shall have the right to the proceeds of or access to the account of the other party. 2. Each party waives any claim to palimony or other claim for support resulting from said joint residency. 6. Other than property purchased in the parties joint names, each party waives any claim to assets acquired by the other party before, during or after this period of cohabitation.

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Agreement to Terminate Cohabitation  

_____, referred to as First Cohabitant and ___, referred to as Second Cohabitant, agree: The parties have resided together without establishing a statutory marriage relationship since ____ (Date). The parties waive any legal, equitable, or statutory rights which are not set forth herein. As to debts which either party undertakes sole responsibility, said party shall indemnify and hold the other party harmless from any ...

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Deed of Tenants in Common Or Joint Tenants  

Deed of tenants in common or joint tenants. This deed made this ___ day of ___[date] by ___ and ___ as grantors to ___ as grantee [continue as in general form of deed]. Grantors are seized of the premises below described in fee simple as joint tenants [or as tenants in common in equal shares].

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Agreement Between Joint Owners for Transfer of Title to One of Them  

Agreement between joint owners for transfer of title to one of them. Upon the death of B, A surviving, the obligation in this agreement assumed on the part of A is to terminate and such payments are to cease and the heirs, devisees, legatees or personal representatives of B are to have no claim against A or upon A's property or estate. In the event A should die before the death of B, such payments of $___ each month are to cease, and A, for A's self and A's heirs, agrees with B that in ...

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Joint Ownership, Occupancy and Sales Agreement  

B. The real property referred to in recital A above is improved and consists, inter alia, of a two bedroom, two bath residential dwelling (Subject Property). D. Owners desire, intend, and agree to complete the purchase of Subject Property and own, occupy, use, enjoy and dispose of Subject Property pursuant to the terms, conditions, restrictions and covenants later set forth. Save and except as is expressly provided for in Exhibit D, Owners shall be entitled to the joint use, occupancy and ...

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Agreement Between Tenants in Common As to Sale by One Or More, Etc  

___, ___, ___, ___, ___, ___, ___, and ___ have together purchased, and now own, the island known as ___ island situated in lake ___ in the town of ___, county of ___, and state of ___, and have agreed to expend it on certain sums of money for improvements to island, buildings it on, and such other purposes as may be mutually agreed upon by and between parties, now in consideration of the mutual promises below set ...

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