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Employee's Release - Personal Injury Claims  

B. On ____ (month & day), ___ (year), releasor sustained personal injuries, including ____ ___ (enumerate), as a result of an accident that occurred as follows: ______ (describe). F. Releasor is willing to release company from all claims that _ (he/she) may have in relation to the above-described personal injuries according to the terms of this

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Supervisor's Report of Work Injury  

Describe how employee was injured: (What was employee doing? The investigating Committee (People to be included in the accident investigation are listed below.) Note: Report to be completed by immediate supervisor and turned in to the Safety Department no later than the end of the day following the injury.

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Employee's Release - Breach of Employment Contract  

A. A certain contract of employment was entered into between releasor and company on ___ (date). C. Company asserts that it has not breached the contract or, in the alternative, that if it has breached the contract, damages sustained by releasor amount to no more than ____ Dollars ($_ ). D. Releasor is willing to release company from all past and present claims based on the contract, on the terms set forth herein.

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Manager of Manufacturing Plant  

Employer agrees to employ manager for a period extending from ___ to ___ as manager of its plant at ___, after its erection, and as supervisor of its construction up to that period. At the expiration of the above period, if the services of the manager have been satisfactory to employer, this contract shall be continued for an additional term of one or more years at the same salary as above. Employer agrees to purchase first-class material such as is required to make ...

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HIV/AIDS Policy for Government Agency  

HIV/AIDS policy for government agency. It is our policy that individuals with HIV/AIDS will be treated with the same compassion and consideration given to any employee with a health problem. Any employee, however, who has unwarranted fears of exposure to HIV/AIDS in the workplace will not be allowed to refuse to work with anyone with HIV/AIDS.

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