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Particular Provisions in Leasing and Management Contracts-Compliance with Laws and Governmental Orders  

Agent shall use its reasonable efforts to comply promptly with any and all statues, regulations, orders, building codes, zoning and licensing requirements, and other requirements affecting the Properties, whether imposed by federal, state, county or municipal authority, or other political subdivision, including but not limited to, those statutes, regulations, orders, codes and requirements respecting tenant security deposits. Nevertheless, Agent shall take no such action so long as Owner is ...

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Management Plan-Division of Responsibility Between Owner and Agent  

More precisely, the agent will hire and supervise (and, if necessary, fire) all personnel employed in the project: resident manager, secretary/bookkeeper, maintenance man. The resident manager will be under supervision of one of the agent's property managers; all other personnel employed in this project will be under the supervision of the resident manager. Of course, the owner and the agent's resident manager may consult on a day-to-day basis regarding the operation of the project and may ...

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As regards HUD accounting requirements, the agent shall be familiar with FHA No. 2230, Handbook of FHA Requirements Governing Fiscal Operations, Accounting, and Financial Reports for Multifamily Housing Projects. The agent shall be further aware of the manner in which bank accounts must be kept, and that security deposit funds must be kept separate and apart from the project rental account.

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Management Agreement for Federally Subsidized Housing  

Management agreement for federally subsidized housing. The owner appoints the agent as exclusive agent for the management of the property described in section 2 of this agreement, and the agent accepts the appointment, subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement. "Secretary" means the secretary of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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Commissions on Renewals and Future Leasings  

Commissions on renewals and future leasings. In the event the lease is renewed or continued, by expressed or implied agreement or in any manner whatever, for any further period after the expiration of the term of this agreement, or any renewal or extension of such lease, or in case the relationship of landlord and tenant with the same tenant or with any subsidiary, associate or affiliate of the tenant, or with any person or corporation having any interest by, through or under the lease, or ...

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Personnel Policy and Staffing Arrangements  

Upon execution of the management agreement, the agent will assign one of its property managers to assume direct responsibility for hiring a resident manager. The property manager and resident manager will be responsible for hiring a maintenance man and project secretary. The resident manager will be an employee of the agent and will receive salaries and fringe benefits according to contracts executed between the agent and employee.

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Social Services Program  

The agent understands its responsibilities under the housing management agreement to provide a social services program for the project. No funds exist to provide a separate employee to handle social services; therefore, the agent's resident manager will be in charge of the social services effort. The resident manager will receive training from the agent's social services specialists in how to discover what social resources exist in the local community which are available to tenants.

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Achievement of Early Occupancy  

(b) Advertising and personal contact with community groups, agencies, and residents to change the now prevailing idea that the project is not well managed nor well kept. The owner intends to use the affirmative fair marketing housing plan (attached) as prescribed by HUD to assure a racial and economic mix of tenants. Prior to units becoming vacant, the resident manager will begin orientation by explaining to the prospective tenant the requirements for eligibility for living in a BMIR ...

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Tenant-management Relations  

To this end, the owner, acting through the agent, will encourage the development of a strong tenant organization in the project. The resident manager will be responsive to tenant requests, and if such requests cannot be met, tenants will be informed of the reasons. Individual tenant requests will generally be presented by the tenant to the resident manager.

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Municipal Celebration  

Now, therefore, we, the undersigned, do here subscribe the sums set opposite our respective names, and agree to pay the same to the treasurer of ___ Company of ___, upon the call of the directors of the company, the sums so subscribed and paid to be used, at the discretion of the directors, in carrying out the encampment and celebration and, in the event the amount of money so subscribed is deemed by the directors to be insufficient for carrying out the encampment in all its ...

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To Make Leases, Manage Property, Collect Rents, Etc  

To make leases, manage property, collect rents, etc. By this agreement I appoint A my exclusive agents for the care and management of the premises with full power and authority under seal in my name, to execute, alter, renew or cancel leases for the premises, or any portion of it; collect rents, or prosecute suits for rent or possession of the premises. I agree to pay A for their services as my agents, ___% on all rents collected from the premises.

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Construction Contract  

The following shall apply as a legally binding addendum to the contract made between All parties involved in the contractual agreement understand and agree that the contractual agreement is an employment contract, but is an agreement to accomplish specific results. is considered to be an independent agent and not an employee of ____.

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