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Forms 21- 23 of 23 Available for 'Assignments for Benefit of Creditors'

With Provision As to Secured Claims  

With provision as to secured claims. Creditors severally and respectively agree to accept and take in full payment, satisfaction, and discharge (except as provided), all and singular their debts, claims, demands and causes of action against debtor, which are provable against the estates of the insolvent debtors under the laws of the state existing as of today's date, whether payable now or at some future time, the dividends which shall be payable to creditors, respectively, under the ...

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Offer of Debtor and Acceptance by Creditors  

$___ of this company's first mortgage bonds came due ___[date], and semiannual interest on the $___ total outstanding issue came due ___[date], all of which remains unpaid. We propose to pay at this time the ___ interest due on the bonds, the holders of the $___ bonds due last ___ agreeing to extend the time of payment to ___[date]. On ___[date], we will first pay and cancel the $___ bonds which became due last ___ reducing the total ...

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Debtor Corporation's Agreement for Continuation of Business  

Debtor corporation's agreement for continuation of business. Agreement entered into at ___ on ___[date] between the ___ Company of ___, referred to as company, and its several merchandise creditors, called creditors. The total purchases of merchandise, including freight, shall be limited each month to an amount not exceeding 50% of the previous month's cash receipts.

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