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How does the plan work?

How does the plan work?

It’s easy to use; simply call our toll free number to access any of our legal or financial services. Present the customer service representative with your name, membership number, and the type of issue you have. For an attorney referral, you will be provided with the name, address and telephone number of the provider firm located nearest you. If it is regarding a financial issue, you would present the Customer Service Representative with your name and membership number or case number and the financial question you have. You would then be connected with a Financial Specialist who will provide a telephone consultation or a local referral when appropriate.

Each member is entitled to one (1) free office consultation or telephone consultation per separate legal or financial matter. In the event you retain the attorney after the initial consultation, the attorney has agreed to provide their services at a discount of 25% from their normal hourly rate. In the event a local referral is indicated for a financial issue, the provider will generally provide a 25% discount as well.

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