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There are several ways you can link to All About Forms, plus:

  • It's Easy - complete instructions on how to link to us are below.
  • It's Free - there is no charge to put our search box on your site. All you need to do is choose your links, put them in a visible spot on your Web site.
  • Enhance Your Web Site- offering access to our Free Legal Forms from yours makes your site richer and keeps your customers coming back again and again.

Two ways you cannot link to us:

  • Framing of the All About Forms site by another site is prohibited.
  • Deep Linking and Linking directly to a specific form is strictly prohibited.
This page contains the generated HTML tags for linking to our Web site. You should use the generated HTML in its exact form to make sure that the link functions properly on your site.

Link to our home page.

Generated HTML Code:

Example of your link:

Free Legal Forms from All About Forms

Link directly to the Forms Search Results.

If your site is about a very specific subject, you can link directly to the search results for that subject. For instance if your site is about 'wills' you link directly to the search results for 'wills'. Just type in the keyword or phrase in below and click the 'Make the Code' button. The code will appear below.

Enter the search criteria you want to link to:

Add a Free Legal Forms Search Box.

Allow your site visitors to search our Free Legal Forms directly from your site!

Generated HTML Code:

Example of the Search Box:

Search for FREE Legal Forms
From All About Forms

How do I place the HTML onto my web site?

  1. Select all of the HTML in the Generated HTML Code box by clicking on the "Select All" button.
  2. Copy the HTML to the clipboard by typing Ctrl-C or right-clicking on the highlighted text and choosing "Copy."
  3. Paste the HTML into your page by typing Ctrl-V or choosing Edit->Paste from within your editing application.

What if my web editor is altering my code?

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) web-editing programs will sometimes alter generated link code after you paste it into your page. This can lead to unexpected and sometimes negative results. Altering a generated link can cause tracking problems, and you may not receive proper credit for traffic and sales originating from your site.

You can use the following procedure to ensure link integrity no matter which web editor you use:

  1. Once you have finished designing/editing the page, close your web editor.
  2. Open the HTML source file of the associated page with a text-editor (e.g., Notepad).
  3. Add the generated link code.
  4. Upload/publish the page before opening it again in your web editor.


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