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This is to notify that on _____________________ (date), at ________________ (time), at ____________________________ (place of sale), the following item will be sold to the highest bidder in order to satisfy ___________________________________ (type of lien) ____________________ (designate and describe property) _______________ (Lien holder), of ________________________________________________(address), claims a lien in the amount of ($_________).  The item is owned by _______________ (owner), __________________________ and resides at ________________________.


The above-described property will be sold pursuant to ___________________ (statute).

The proceeds from the sale will be used to cover all or part of cost of the sale and to the lien. Any remaining amount will be mailed to:  ________________________ (owner) at _____________________________ (address) or the county clerk of _____________ (county), _______________ (state), to be held in trust for the owner of the property).


The above mentioned property was to be claimed __________ days before the posting of this notice.  A notice of lien and sale were mailed to the owner on _______________ and ________________________________ (date) respectively.  The notices were mailed to ___________________________________ (address) by ________________ (certified or registered) mail no less than ______ days prior to the time set for the auction.



_________________________                  _____________________

Signature                                                                           Date



_________________________                  _____________________

Signature                                                                           Date

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