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_________________________, P.A.


1.  The name of the corporation is ______________________________________, P.A.


2.  (a)  The corporation is organized solely for the purpose of conducting the practice of law only through persons qualified to practice law in the State ____________________.  Such persons shall practice the profession of law in accordance with all rules for professional conduct established by the Supreme Court of the State of ______________ and the ___________________________ State Bar.  The corporation shall at all times comply with standards of professional conduct established by such court.

(b)  The corporation may exercise the powers and privileges now or hereafter conferred upon corporations by _______________ (STATE) law only in furtherance of and subject to the limitations stated in the preceding paragraph.


3.  The number of shares the corporation is authorized to issue is _________________

____________________________________ all of one class, designated as common stock.


4  The street address and county of the initial registered office of the corporation is



5.  The name of the initial registered agent is: _________________________________


6.  The number of directors constituting the initial board of directors shall be one (1); and the name and address of the person who is to serve as director until the first meeting of shareholders or until his successor is elected and qualifies is ____________


7.  All shareholders of the corporation shall be persons duly licensed by The Board of Law Examiners of the State of ______________ to practice law in the State of ___________ They shall also be individuals who, (except for time spent for illness, accident, in the armed service, on vacations, and on leaves of absence not to exceed one year) are actively engaged in the practice of law in the offices of the corporation.  All shares of any shareholder who ceases to be eligible to be a shareholder of the corporation shall be sold or transferred in accordance with the provisions of     Paragraph 8.


8.  Within thirty (30) days after any shareholder ceases to be eligible to be a shareholder, the corporation shall purchase all of the shares he owns or such shares shall be transferred to a qualified person as described in Paragraph 7.  The price to be paid by the corporation and the schedule of payments shall be as specified in the Bylaws, and if no price or schedule is so specified, the price shall be the pro rata net book value thereof as of the last day of the month preceding the date of purchase and payment shall be made in cash against receipt of the shares.


9.  The business and affairs of the corporation shall be managed by the shareholders of the corporation and the board of directors.


The Board shall be authorized to manage only so much of the business and affairs of the corporation as shall from time to time be delegated to it by the shareholders by means of Bylaws or otherwise.


Only directors and officers of the corporation who are eligible to be shareholders shall exercise any authority with respect to professional decisions and matters relating to the practice of law.


The right to amend or repeal the Bylaws and adopt new Bylaws is reserved to shareholders. 


10.  To the fullest extent permitted by the ___________________________ (STATE) Business Corporation Act as it exists or may hereafter be amended, no person who is serving or who has served as a director of the corporation shall be personally liable to the corporation or any of its shareholders for monetary damages for breach of duty as a director. No amendment or repeal of this Article nor the adoption of any provision of these Articles of Incorporation inconsistent with this Article shall eliminate or reduce the protection granted herein with respect to any matter that occurred prior to such amendment, repeal or adoption.


11.  The corporation elects to have pre rights.


12.  All shareholders of the corporation are entitled to accumulate their votes for directors No amendment shall be made to this Article when the number of shares voting against the proposal to amend would be sufficient to elect a director by cumulative voting and such shares are entitled to be voted cumulatively for the election of directors. 


13.  The name and address of the incorporator is ____________________________



This the ________ day of _______________, (Year)________



Attorney at Law



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