IN CONSIDERATION of employment by ____________________, (hereinafter referred to as Company), the undersigned, _______________________, hereby agrees as follows:


1.  During the course of his/her employment, the undersigned shall promptly disclose in writing to the Company all inventions, discoveries, concepts, developments and innovations, conceived in whole or in part by the undersigned or through assistance of the undersigned, directly or indirectly.  Such shall be disclosed whether conceived or developed during working hours or not, which: (a)  Result from any work performed on behalf of Company, or pursuant to a research project for the Company, or (b)  Relate in any manner to the existing or contemplated business of the Company, or (c)  Result from the use of the Company's time, material, employees, or facilities.


2. All rights, titles, and interests to said inventions, concepts or innovations  are hereby assigned by the undersigned solely and completely to the Company, its successors and assigns.


3. At the Company's request, the undersigned shall execute specific assignments to any such invention concept or innovation and execute, acknowledge, and deliver any additional documents required to obtain letters, patent, trademark or copyright in any jurisdiction.  The undersigned shall also, at the Company's request and expense, assist in the defense and prosecution of said letters, patent, trademark or copyright as may be required by Company.  This provision shall survive termination of employ with the Company.


Signed and sealed on this ______ day of ______________ (month), ___ (year).