In consideration of employment with ____________________________, I do hereby acknowledge the facts set out below and agree to be bound as follows:


I.  It is understood that during the regular course of my employment, I may be privy to information considered confidential and the property of my employer.


II.  I will not during my tenure with the company and for a period of three (3) years after my employment is terminated, whether by me or by my employer, disclose such information to any entity, nor shall I use such information to my own ends and gain, whether for myself, or any other entity.


III.  Immediately upon cessation of my employment with the company, I will return any and all company documents which I may possess.  IN ADDITION, I declare that I will not maintain copies of any such documents.


IV.  The company shall hold the right to initiate proceedings against me for injunctive relief, should I act in a manner not consistent with and violating any of the foregoing.


V.  This contract shall remain binding for my heirs and assigns, and may be transferred by the company without permission of myself or of said heirs and assigns.



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Notary Public                                                                        (SEAL)

My Commission expires on ________________