This agreement is made on ________________ (Date) between ___________________ ______________ (Name of Manufacturer), of _________________________________ __________________________________ (Address), the manufacturer, or principal, and _____________________ (Name of Agent), ______________________________ (Address), known as agent:


The manufacturer produces ___________________ (Specify Product) and other related products.  The agent would like to be the exclusive selling agent for the manufacturer in ____________________ (Specify Territory).


The parties mutually agree to the following terms and conditions:


I.  The agent is the exclusive sales agent in the territory specified below, for the duration of this agreement.


II.  This agreement is valid for __________ (Number) years, and will end on ___________________ (Date).


III.  The agent will be responsible for covering the ____________________ (Specify) territory.


IV.  Orders taken by the agent are subject to the acceptance of the manufacturer at ______________ (His/Her) office in _______________________________ (Address).


V.  The manufacturer also agrees to the following:


a.  To pay agent _________ percent commission on all sales of __________________ (Specify Product).

b.  That for the life of this agreement the manufacturer create any competition for the agent by selling any products except through the agent in the above mentioned territory.


c.  The manufacturer will try to the best of their ability to fill promptly any orders submitted by the agent.  The agent is not to be held responsible for any problems arising from demand that exceeds the manufacturers supply.


VI.  The agent further agrees to the following:


a.  To the best of ___________ (His/Her) efforts promote the sale of _______________ (products) in the above mentioned territory, and devote __________ (His/Her) time and energies to the sale of the specified products.


b.  Not to sell or handle the sale of, any other kind of ___________________ (Types of Product) without approval from the  manufacturer.


c.  To maintain uniform prices established by the manufacturer for ________________ (Specify Product), and to conform to the terms of sale and other selling and ordering conditions required by manufacturer.


VII.  Notices by either party to the other must be delivered to the manufacturer at _____________________________________________________________ (Address), and to agent at _________________________________________________ (Address). The place to which notice may be sent can be changed only by delivering written notice to the other party.


VIII.  In the event of any violation by agent of the terms of this agreement the manufacturer will be entitled to and payable by the agent the sum of _________($____) for each violation.

IX.  This contract represents the entire agreement between both parties and no further terms have been agreed on by the parties except as stated above.




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