This is to notify ________________________________________ (owner), residing at _______________________________________________________(address) who is the owner of the property, referred to as owner, and to the person who has given ___________________________________________________ (lien holder), residing at ____________________________________________ (address) notice of an interest in the property:
               Name                                                     Address
               ________________________                ____________________________
               ________________________                ____________________________
               ________________________                ____________________________
The above-mentioned parties are notified that the undersigned has claimed a lien on the owners ____________________________________ (designate/describe property) for ______________________________________ (services performed and supplies used).
__________ (number) days have passed since the owner was notified of the claim of a lien, and the owner has made no attempt to recover the property.  The property is in the possession of the undersigned.
Pursuant to ________________________________________________ (statute), the undersigned will sell at public sale the above-described property on _______________ (date), at ____________________________ (time), at _________________ (location). After deducting all credits and offsets, the amount currently due is ($_____________).
The money from the sale will be used to satisfy the lien and any costs of this notice and the sale.  Any remaining amount will be mailed to owner at ______________________ ____________________________________________________________(address).

____________________________________                    _____________________

Signature                                                                              Date


____________________________________                    _____________________

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