_____________________________ (Name), referred to as Husband, located at  ____________________________ (Address) and _______________ (Name), referred to as Wife, located at ___________________________________ (Address), agree:



1.      In consideration of the property division described in Exhibit A attached hereto, each party herewith waives the right to share in each other’s estate upon death, whether by will, statutory right, statutory share, dower, curtesy, whether such right now exists by case law or by statute, and waives the right to alimony, whether permanent or rehabilitative, separate maintenance, or other forms of spousal support.


2.      Each party acknowledges that he or she has had an opportunity to consult with independent counsel of his or her own choice.


3.      This post-marital agreement represents the entire agreement of the parties, and there are no representations others than those stated herein.  This agreement may only be modified in a writing executed by both parties.



____________________________________                     ____________________

Signature of Husband                                                 Date


____________________________________                     ____________________

Signature of Wife                                                                   Date


____________________________________                     ____________________

Witness                                                                                 Date

____________________________________                     ____________________

Witness                                                                                 Date



________________________                     My commission expires on:  ___________

Notary Public