Grantor reserves however to (himself or herself), as and for an appurtenance to the real property described as follows: ___________________________________________


and for any part of it to receive light, air, and an unobstructed view over that part of the above-described real property, to the extent that such light, air, and view will be received and enjoyed by limiting any structure, fence, trees, or shrubs on the property, or any part of it, to a height not extending above a horizontal plane ________________ feet above the level of the sidewalk of ___________ (street), as the sidewalk level now exists at the junction of the __________ (northern/southern/eastern/western) and ________________ (northern/southern/eastern/western) boundary lines of the above-described property.  Any obstruction of such view above such horizontal plane, except __________ (specify existing obstructions and other desired exceptions, including any exceptions to be allowed for radio and television receiving devices, power and telephone poles and lines other than those required to be buried, and required flues or vents, as well as fixtures required under any building regulations), shall be considered an unauthorized interference with such right or easement and shall be removed on demand at the expense of grantee, and (his or her) heirs, successors, and assigns in the ownership of the above-described real property or any part of it.


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