Brazil won the World Cup is more popular

Guoan Zhang Lu yesterday spoke World Cup jersey in Brazil in June when in the interview, after analyzing the current situation of each World Cup team, Zhang Lu believes the Brazilian team won the World Cup is the biggest chance of the championship, while Italy's strength is also can not be overlooked. Speaking of the 20th World Cup in Brazil, Zhang Lu said: "Brazil plays host favorable factors, it should be the loudest voices, but there are worries in 1952, also at home, Uruguay, Brazil, the wholesale World Cup jerseys has been taken away to say. In the case of this very confident, but external pressure has been particularly large, the host will bear, some disorders, this I can not say. "Nevertheless, Zhang Lu is still recognized by the Brazilian team's strength." Of course, this Brazilian team, there may be a small probability of malfunction, because the defense relatively stable, some of the biggest names children Silva, Luis, who are in; another midfielder also has several dry the dirty work, belonging scraping ability, the ability to intercept and running ability are strong type; As frontcourt attack, several strikers strength of this team is very good so if you can steady overall, I think the outlook is still good. ".. Meanwhile Guoan Zhang Lu followed by evaluation of a few strong teams: "to enter the top four, there are so few teams can consider, Argentina is a Argentina Lionel Messi, the frontcourt is good, the only problem is a weak defense. In addition, Uruguay can not be ignored, they have been easy to become a dark horse team. "Zhang Lu in their analysis. "In addition, the other South American teams are unlikely (into the semi-finals), Europe, Germany and Spain are popular, at least they are champions ran to go." For this cheap World Cup jerseys in Brazil if there is a dark horse, Zhang Lu is not particularly respected Belgium:. "I'm not too optimistic, because they only just evolved, but also hair and tender, this is probably the 2008 Olympics call people, very young at the time may now be some magician, online publicity was more powerful, but the real composition of a varsity, then some of the worse aspects of experience. "Zhang Lu said," the Belgian manufacturer may give some surprises, but still far from won, I feel afraid feed not the top four. " As Italian football expert, Zhang Lu is very optimistic about Italy's prospects in the World Cup: "Do not underestimate the Italian now touches the Italian group of people, do not look one to pull out not how, but make up a team, or very. powerful. these guys have experience, good psychological quality, especially in a team like this, 'we all look down on us, we go along with the dry.' In fact, the ability of these guys are not too bad, plus some resourcefulness, can not be ignored. "" In 2006, just experienced "telephone door" Italy won the World Cup, is the most classic example of "successive Italian team like this, people are looking very good, finally able rounded out the top four. " Zhang Lu concluded that Brazil is the quadrennial , each team participating in the world wants, but about who can get the title a little early to conclude now, still need time to prove.

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